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    A Day in the Nature

    A Day in the Nature

    If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog for your ecommerce store but didn’t follow through it’s time to reconsider. Ecommerce blogging can help drive more traffic to your website. With more traffic, you strike a better chance of growing your sales. Compared to a company that doesn’t blog, companies who blog can get as much as 97% more backlinks giving them more traffic to monetize. Also, businesses that blog drive 55% more traffic back to their website and ecommerce stores with high traffic tend to have higher sales. In this article, you’ll learn why you should start a blog, blogging tips, where to find blog post ideas, and how to monetize your blog.
    An ecommerce blog allows you to connect and communicate with your customers. If you run a fitness store, creating fitness blog content allows you to talk about a topic that both you and your customers love. By creating content around your passion, you’ll find customers who share the same interests. Over time, they’ll likely buy from your store because you sell products that are relevant to them. A store blog allows you to open the dialogue with your customers so you can get to know them, their interests and their needs.

    Starting a blog helps you rank better in search engines. While product pages can rank if optimized, in general, long form copy tends to perform best. By creating regular blog content for your store, you’ll be able to build out your web pages which will help bring in more customers. You can use an SEO plug-in on your store and Keyword Planner to ensure you’re optimizing for keywords correctly. By posting blog content multiple times a week, you should see some of your content ranking well on Google.

    By creating valuable content for your readers, you can position yourself as the leading expert within your niche. You can share special tips, tactics and advice to your readers to help them succeed. If the advice you share with your readers helps them succeed, they’ll continue reading your blog content because they know they can count on you to give top-tier advice.

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